London Sightseeing

See the city of London and Heathrow from above
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Thames Sightseeing

With your newly obtained licence, put your skills to the test with a flight into the London Control Zone.

Experience the thrill of seeing London from 1000ft up in some of the most challenging airspace in the world. With a short flight in a helicopter, alongside an instructor, you can fly down the Thames with an unprecedented view of the city. You will learn to navigate the London Heli-Lanes and tackle the challenging air traffic control communications.
AB Helicopters can also help you gain approval to land in the London Heliport at Battersea. Our instructors will provide a detailed ground briefing with you before conducting the flight into the Heliport to complete the training and the vital 'sign-off'.

We also have experience of aerial photography in London Airspace, and are proficient with guiding you through the process of obtaining approval to film over the city.
Heathrow crossing
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Heathrow Crossing

Heathrow is regarded as one of the busiest airports in the world, so requires precise airmanship and accurate navigation to safely transit overhead.

AB Helicopters can provide assistance to pilot's wishing to undergo this challenge.